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  • Jen
    Practice Manager

    Jen joined the team in 2008 as the Practice Manager. She graduated from ISU with a BS in Animal Science. Her life is currently run by three dogs; Riley, a Golden Retriever; Reign and Spring, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels; and 2 crazy cats rescued from the ARL; Fernando and Alejandro. She is also a foster parent for Iowa Golden Retriever Rescue and Cavalier Rescue. In her free time you can find her in her gardens, volunteering as a Master Gardener, spending time outdoors with the dogs, crafting, or competing with Riley in Dockdogs.

  • Renee
    Client Care

    Renee began working as a receptionist at GAVH in 1997 but started in the veterinary field in 1980 after experiencing the miracle of puppy birth and being put to work by the veterinarian drying puppies as they were born. She was enamored with how nature had prepared the mother to love and care for her puppies as soon as they were born. That same veterinarian recognized the compassion in Renee and offered her a position in her clinic. Renee grew up with a love for animals and would ride along with her grandfather as he delivered mail to farmers and could be frequently found playing with the farm dogs. During the summers of high school she worked a the Des Moines Zoo and after attending ISU for Animal Science and Journalism she worked San Diego at Miramar Ranch assisting with the horses and at the wild animal park caring for the newborns. Her life has been dedicated to listening to and helping those creatures who cannot help themselves, and to have compassion for their owners who love and cherish their pets and often find themselves in difficult situations with the illness of their loved ones. She is also active in Iowa Golden Retriever Rescue, Des Moines Golden Retriever Club and participates in Pet Therapy with her Golden Retriever Mix named DiNozzo. Her home is also shared with two very spoiled cats that were hand raised, Putter and Lilly; several newts, African Fire Toads and fish. Renee enjoys spending her free time with her pets and family.

  • Kathy
    Client Care

    Kathy joined the team in the fall of 2009 as an all-around employee covering reception, kennels and assisting. She was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and of course is an avid Huskers fan, even though she graduated from Iowa State University in 1990 with a BS in Child, Parent, and Community Youth Services. Kathy has loved animals from early childhood and her first word was even 'dog'. After graduating Kathy worked for 8 years counseling chemically dependent adolescents and then found herself working in a cubicle for a big corporation for another 10 years. Finally, she received an opportunity to join the GAVH team, where she had been bringing her pets all her life, helping our clients and their best friends live a long life together. Kathy has two dogs; Cubby, a Pappillon, and Tucker, a Japanese Chin. She also has three cats; Puck, a black rescued cat; Dario Frankitty, a Bengal that is also affectionately known as Baby Girl; and Smash, a black and white rescued kitten from the clinic that earns her name in every way. In the past Kathy has also has had many other breeds of dogs including a Bull Mastiff, Spitz, Pomeranian, Keeshound, Miniature Schnauzers, Husky mix and two other Chins. In her free time Kathy enjoys hockey, football and Indy car racing.

  • Jessie

    Jessie is our Veterinary Technician that started in the summer of 2014. She attended ISU receiving her BS in Animal Ecology, and a minor in Animal Science. Jessie’s career in the veterinary profession was a happy accident. She took a job at a clinic after graduation while continuing to search for an available wildlife position, but after a few weeks she was hooked and realized that a career as a veterinary professional was for her because it combined her two favorite things: animals, and people who love animals. In her free time Jessie enjoys running, kayaking and cuddling with her sassy fat cat Campbell and rescue kitty Remus.

  • Abbey

    Abbey is a veterinary medical student at ISU and joined the Grand Avenue team in 2017 as a technician. Abbey’s love for animals started at a young age when she would ride in the truck and go on farm calls with her uncles and grandpa who were all large animal veterinarians. For a while she didn’t think veterinary medicine was a good fit for her after she fainted seeing a litter of puppies being born. After realizing veterinary medicine was where she wanted to be, Abbey started working in veterinary clinics including the Large Animal Hospital at ISU and volunteering at the Blank Park Zoo and the ARL. She has always loved animals and is currently attending Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine and plans to practice small animal or mixed animal practice when she graduates. Abbey has two dogs: an Olde English Bulldog rescue pup named Walter and a boxer/pitbull mix named Sally. She also has three cats: Pre, Otto, and Tomato. In her free time Abbey likes to spend time outside with her husband, Andrew, and step-daughter, Ava, walking her dogs, and relaxing with friends and family.

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